Yoshiyuki Abe

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Xerox PARC Algorithmic Art Show
July 8 - August 31, 1994
Palo Alto, USA

Iris inkjet prints 45.7x30.5(25x25)cm

        LS-40x  |  LS-51(details)

The show includes algorithmic mathematics less famous than fractals. A random Truchet tiling (squares with quarter-circles drawn on them) forms a lake in Anna Campbell Bliss's print. Compare this lake to the random, periodic fluid flows in Daniel Asimov's pictures. Functions remaindered by a modulus appear in Misako Akimoto's vases and Yoshiyuki Abe's LS-51.
Typically a computer artist cedes less(or at least later) control to automatic processes than does an algorithmic artist. The border is blurry, however, as computer artists invent algorithms - for example, Achim Stosser's algorithm that renders a scene as an engraving - and art such as Yoshiyuki Abe's that seems to embody a novel algorithm is actually made by clever variations on standard ray tracing.
- Marshall Bern

Book: Art and Innovation, edited by Craig Harris, MIT press 1999   ISBN 0-262-08275-6
(c)1993,2013 YOSHIYUKI ABE